​​​Transform students to succeed



The power of education to transform the lives of youth is tremendous. Good leaders can harness the power of education and leverage it  to benefit the larger sections of society, by leaders. PARIVARTAN, the year-long process will facilitate and provide opportunities for the Correspondents, Principals, Head Teachers, Teachers, Parents and Students to acquire leadership traits..

Every Student Deserves A Great Education

The need for quality education and systematic student guidance is heartfelt. Identifying your child's passion and potential at a young age, would go a long way in giving your child a head-start in his/her career. We at EIDAPL, believe that helping the students build their career, involves parents and teachers the most. 

Seems daunting? Worried about your child's future? Want to help your child choose his/her career? Well, that's what we're here for.


Discover New Ways To Analyse School Data To Navigate Student Growth, Teacher Development, and School's Growth


The students in schools face a huge dilemma in choosing their career paths. PARIVARTAN, the year long-process will analyse the learning behaviour of students and suggest suitable career paths.

Education Technology

Research & development


School's Growth

The biggest challenge facing the schools today is recruiting, retraining and retaining the quality teachers. PARIVARTAN, the year long process will analyse the learning outcomes of students, assess the motivating factors for teachers and facilitate skill enhancement programs for teachers.

LEADERSHIP Development